University of Arizona

7 Tips for Co-PIs or Senior Personnel on Grants or Contracts


Pre-Proposal Meeting

Contact ADR Ellen McMahon to schedule a pre-proposal grant meeting. Do so early, preferably 2 months out.


Department Head Meeting

Discuss your role in the project with your Department Head including:

  1. Any cost share requirements
  2. Financial
  3. Time
  4. Student tuition, etc.
  5. A course buyout
  6. Space needs



Contact your Business Manager to start discussing your budget – don’t underestimate your financial needs.


Equitable Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Split

Must consider your F&A split. Make sure you are not underrepresented per your role.

Typically, your F&A is calculated by the amount of time and/or management duties you will hold, as well as take into consideration the use of CFA resources, such as finance office support, to co-manage the funds you receive.



Always provide an abstract or outline prior to your meetings.



Make sure you know what letters you need from:

  1. Administration in the College
  2. Assistance with letters from UA Senior leadership team
  3. Any non-UA entities such as community partners, non-profits
  4. Other forms that are being requested that you are responsible for


UAccess Research (UAR) System

Add your Business Manager as a viewer of the proposal so they can help you with executing our end. A viewer cannot edit the proposal.